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Original songs and arrangements for primary schools, choirs and churches. Bespoke compilations and commissions also available.

SonRise Publications was set up to promote music composed by Janet Revill, making it available to a wider audience.

Janet has been involved with music all her life: through her family life, her working life and her Christian life, often writing music and songs for the groups with which she has a connection. Her songs for schools are highly acclaimed by those who have the most right to comment - the kids! Her varied style and thoughtful lyrics mean that all her music is enjoyed by singers and audience alike.

Janet has an ability to write Christian music in a way which makes the gospel of Christ accessible to people of all ages. Her friends and colleagues truly believe her music to be a gift from God and have encouraged Janet to give others the opportunity to share this gift. As a result of this encouragement, in 2007 Janet went into partnership with one of those friends, Eilidh Gunson, and SonRise Publications was born! We are grateful to our friends and family for all their support in this venture. Particular thanks to Kathryn Batchelor who has illustrated our children’s songs so wonderfully.


We are trying to keep the costs of our publications to a minimum, whilst preserving our rights, and trying to make a living.

We endeavour to make it as easy as possible for you to use this material, and can provide downloadable resources on request for use in presentations, providing music in different keys, etc. We are a new business and are finding our way in the world. Thank you for your support, and if you enjoy the creations you have found here, please tell others about it.  

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