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Original songs and arrangements for primary schools, choirs and churches. Bespoke compilations and commissions also available.

We are aware that often we buy books of songs, only to use four or five songs within that book. It can seem such a waste of money and paper. We feel it would be useful to offer the opportunity to buy just the songs you want, rather than ending up with some you don’t want.


With that in mind, we are making it possible for you to hand-pick either 5 or 10 songs from our Worship or Schools collections and we will compile them into a book for you. There is also the option to buy the words only for your selected songs.


We would ask that, in the interest of copyright, you do not copy the music version of your compilation, but we would be happy for you to copy the words version as many times as necessary to meet your requirements. Please note, this does not apply to the words version of our two ready-compiled books.


Please contact us for any further information about this service.